Sepahan Machine Industrial Group

The founders of Sepahan Machine Rahyar Company are often among the country’s industrial managers who have the experience of managing and leading the country’s heavy industry unit in the international arena. Therefore, they decided to concentrate their activities in a large industrial unit called (SMR), in line with the latest technology in the world and benefiting from the elite forces and domestic and foreign experts, to provide valuable services to our beloved homeland.

The field of activity of this company is designing, manufacturing and producing construction machinery and equipment, road construction and mining, and supplying supplies and carrying out related projects, and in this regard, it has put superior quality at the forefront of its work. It has used partner experts, both inside and outside the country, and has been able to play its part in this two-way relationship while creating a win-win relationship with customers. With this approach and action to the company’s development plan, this group intends to reach the peak of what it has drawn for the future, relying more on the existing potential and created opportunities.